Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pumpkin Knit Hats!

This is the perfect hat for cold fall days, cute and practical. The rolled brim allows for flexibility in sizing and growth and is easy for beginner knitters!

Need directions on how to knit? I have found great toutorials on YouTube - search for "knitting in the round", "long tail cast on", "binding off", "knit joining in the round" or any other keywords used below for great videos on how to knit - for this reason step by step pictures are not included below.

  • Size 7 or 9 - 16 inch circular needles
  • Set of double pointed needles (DPN)
  • 1 skein worsted weight orange yarn
  • Green yarn for closing 

SIZING: This pattern can be adapted for larger or smaller heads, cast on number of stitches and knit for desired size:

0-6 months: CO 48, 5"
6-12 months: CO 56, 5 1/2"
1-2 years: CO 64, 6"
2 years and up: CO 72, 6 1/2"

  1. With main color, loosely CO desired number of stitches per size, above. Cast on one extra to join. Slip one stitch from the right hand to the left hand needle, being careful not to twist. Knit the first two stitches together. Place a marker and begin knitting in the round (knit every row).
  2. Knit in the round for set number of inches per size above (let curl when measuring).
  3. Knit 6, k2tog to end of round.
  4. Knit.
  5. Knit 5 k2tog to end of round.
  6. Knit
  7. Knit 4 k2tog to end of round.
  8. Switch to green yarn - Knit.*
  9. Knit 3 k2tog to end of round. Switch to DPNs if you have not already.**
  10. Knit.
  11. Knit 2 k2tog to end of round.
  12. Knit.
  13. Knit 1 k2tog to end of round.
  14. K2tog around (1 left one each of 4 DPNs).
  15. Knit one round plain.
  16. Slip all sts to one DPN.
  17. Knit all sts, don't turn and slide to opposite end of needle (right) continue to knit and slide sts down to right end of needle until pumpkin stem is at desired length. Keep pulled tight.
  18. Bind off and cut a long tail.
  19. With tapestry needle slip the tail down the stem and tie off the tail in adjacent stitch inside the crown of the hat. Cut remaining tail.
  20. Tie off and weave in all remaining ends.
*Tip: Decreasing: If you want a larger green top, switch to green yarn earlier! I would not recommend switching to green yarn before you begin decreasing or hat may look funny.
**Tip: Switching to DPNs: I like to knit my last complete row right on to DPNs when I feel my stitches getting to tight on the circular.