Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Superhero Capes!

I have seen so many tutorials for superhero capes and knew I had to make some for my boys! I started to do my own tutorial when I came across one that was exactly what I wanted - I didn't change anything about this tutorial! I actually bought the PDF version of the tutorial on etsy (if anyone wants one I can sell the finished products but not pass along the pattern) and used their templates, however you could do this with your own template.

And pictures of my little superheros running with their capes down the hall!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Hooded Towel Tutorial

Hooded towels are a staple in any home with kids. But they can cost you up to $40 each! I've been lucky enough to find some basics for around $15 each on sale - but having to buy two each time for my twin boys was making me crazy! I knew I could make this much cheaper!

There are plenty of tutorials out there but most are over complicated, here is a tutorial for a basic $10 and under 30 minute hooded towel - start with 2 towels, do 2 cuts, sew 2 times and you are done!

What you'll need (Makes 2 hooded towels):
-2 bath towels.
-1 hand towel.
-Sewing machine, scissors and coordinating thread.
*Additional wash cloth size towels for applique/ears/tail embellishments - optional.

1. CUT:

(1) Fold hand towel in half (width wise) and cut in half - you want two pieces about 10" tall each - I had to cut about 7" out of the center to get two 10" pieces (ensure you cut excess out from the center raw edge, not finished edge). You don't want the hood too big!

(2) Fold one of the towel halves again in half width wise. Repeat for other halfh (Pict to the right shows the 'reconstructed' hand towel with one side cut).

(3) Cut the hood shape from the top by cutting a slight curve corner to corner. Template Here. When you open the towel again it will look like the top of a heart - you don't need to cut much, and may want to pin before you cut to ensure you cut evenly.

2. PIN & SEW:

Place the hood opened along the center of the towel (width wise), pin and sew - be sure to back stitch. I placed the hood decorative edge on the outside as I liked the way that looked best but you could pin it on the inside if you prefer.

Fold the towel and hood in half, right sides facing (inside out). Line up the hood pieces, pin and sew along the curve - be sure to back stitch - I sewed mine twice.

3. FINISHED! Turn right side out and VOILA! You have a beautiful hooded towel!

Leave me a message if you have any questions! Enjoy!