Monday, August 22, 2011

Get organized: printable weekly planner!

I don't know about you, but I have tried everything to organize our week including outings, chores and meals. I found that we were repeating so many of the same things and changing our minds and moving activities or meals around each week - that I wanted to create something to make it all easier.

For a limited time download the free printable here and decide how you want to organize your life, a few ideas:

-Print the chart and post it on your fridge. Write out the meals, chores and activities you do weekly and print them on printable magnet sheets - cut out the squares with the details and just move the pieces as you need! Tip: print extra blank ones so you can add as you need to! You can also print the chart on the magnet sheet too if you want, or have it laminated.

-Print the chart and have it laminated, or put it in a picture frame. Grab a wet erase marker (such as visa vis) and write your plan each week, use a damp cloth to erase it weekly. For this you will need to print to scale for the size frame you have - such as 8x10.

Chart property of Heather @ MommyBrained 2011 not for resale or distribution.